Do you do framed prints?
Not yet – but soon! We’re still sourcing to get the right frames, but hope to be able to offer this service shortly. 

Bigger sized prints?
Currently our largest size print is A3… as the business grows we will be able to offer A2 & A1 sizes as well.

Hand written notes if sending direct to the recipient?
Of course we can do this, just drop us a line and we’ll do the rest, sending on a simple shades of grey postcard.

Shades of grey overlapping rectangles postcard for handwritten notes if sending a NumberNinetyFive product as a gift

Bespoke colours of a print?
Yes – maybe you like the colour combinations of another of our prints, but it’s not shown in the print you prefer…? Just drop us a line and we can email you the colour combo of your preferred print to double check and then print!