Number Ninety Five - founder - Emma

Number Ninety Five is where Emma lives with her family in north London.

Having worked in Fashion Design for... ever, Emma's curiosity to learn something new and more was a reoccurring need; and so Number Ninety Five evolved. Having always loved the design process; Emma aligned her 'less is more' design skills to designing bold, minimal typographic prints for walls. Knowing the subtlest of details can elevate a garment to something more, the same principle follows with her prints.

The idea that like a vase of fresh cut flowers on the window sill, Number Ninety Five prints on the wall will give a moment of delight and a flick of a smile whenever they catch your eye.

Most of the prints Emma designs are, deep down, to instil ideas and values in her children... to encourage ideas, dream big, to question, be curious and, to always be kind.

On the flip side... a smidge of rebellion and gentle naughtiness has it's place too - and sometimes the pencil is mightier than the sword!

Thanks so much for stopping by x